Temescal Canyon High School

Advanced Painting and Drawing 

The Sketchbook

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Sketchbook Assignments :

Other Helpful Links:

Collage youtube video

Acrylic gel medium photo transfer youtube video

The Project:

The sketchbook is the place where we practice, take notes, record ideas, doodle, and plan for future work. It is a place for mistakes, attempts, failures, and success. The one thing that all successful sketchbooks share is that they are filled! Sketchbooks will be check at various times during both semesters.

A Sample:

Sketchbook Additions

Sketchbook Additions

Value Key Models

The Objectives:

  1. To fill the sketchbook with ideas, practice drawings, and notes. Density matters so limit the empty space in the sketchbook. We use the quarter rule in this class which means that if a quater can be placed on the page without touching meaningful content, the content is too sparsely placed on the page.
  2. Complete sketchbook assignments that make your sketchbook useful as a reference.
  3. To create a personal and valuable record of your work and acomplishments.