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Advanced Painting and Drawing 



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The Assignment :

Project Introduction

Sketchbook Entries

  1. Texture Sketches
  2. Landscape Grounds
  3. Linear Perspective

Grading Rubric


-Project preparation worksheet

-Step-by-step project instructions

Student Samples:

"On the other side"

"The Water House"

"House on a Hill"

"The Dragonhouse"

Other Helpful Links:

The Landscape Project:

The Landscape Project is an opportunity for students to continue to refine their drawing skills. This project may take the form of a pure landscape drawing and combines it with an architectural presentation. In this project we will practice observational drawing and take note of the variety of textures we see around us. We will apply these notes on texture to create aerial perspective to help create a foreground, middle ground, and a background in a drawing and we'll review linear perspective to help us place geometric objects into this original landscape.

A Sample:

An architectural presentation

Student Example:

The Objectives:

Through this project students will attempt to show a strong understanding of the skills listed:

  1. Aerial Perspective- students will change the value, amount of texture, and form to reflect the way the atmosphere changes the way we see things as they recede into deep space.
  2. Landscape Grounds- students will use Aerial Perspective to define three distinct "grounds" in a drawing, the foreground, middle ground, and background.
  3. Linear Perspective- students will align geometric objects within their landscape so that the object appears to "fit" believably into their drawing.