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The Watercolor Landscape Project:

The Watercolor Landscape Project is a painting designed to introduce students to traditional watercolor media. Students will explore the new media and some of the time honored techniques used with the media.

A Sample:

This first example shows a student's ability to "save the whites" or keep the white of the paper paint-free. Watercolor paint is translucent and areas intended to show as white must not be painted.

This second sample show as good use of color complexity. This artist mixes the colors as allows the colors to mix on the paper to create rich, vibrant hues in her painting.

The third example shows a good use of technique as the student carefully chooses between a wash or sponge technique to display a variety of texture.

The Objectives:

Through this project students will attempt to show a strong understanding of the skills listed:

  1. Painting Development- students must carefully plan and execute their painting using a variety of watercolor techniques.
  2. Watercolor Techniques- students must exhibit a good use of watercolor techniques carefully chosen for desired effects.
  3. Color Development- students must mix color for create strong, naturally occurring colors in their paintings.