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The Acrylic Painting Project:

The Acrylic Painting project is a multi-step process that draws from the classical tradition of painting. For this projects students must have chosen a meaningful topic on which to construct the painting. The steps are as follows:

  1. Composition Sketch
  2. Value Key study
  3. Preliminary Sketch
  4. Color Mock-up
  5. Achromatic underpainting
  6. Painting finish

Steps one through three have been completed in the "Expressive Drawing" project and step four was completed in the "Soft Pastel Drawing" project. This leaves the student to complete the underpainting and the addition of color to complete the painting.

From this projects students should learn the traditional painting process and the characteristics of the new media, acrylic paint.

A Sample:

The two sample pairs below show both the achromatic (without color) underpainting and the final chromatic painting. Notice how similar they appear in general. Notice also how detail has been added in the final painting.

The "drops" are added in the final painting but are left out of the original underpainting.

Notice how this artist painted the bushes from the background through the wolf in the final painting to create a ghost-like representation of the wolf in the finished work.

The Objectives:

Through this project students will attempt to show a strong understanding of the skills listed:

  1. Grid Enlarging- students must try to match the proportions of the original drawing with great exactitude.
  2. Value Key- students must match the value (lightness and darkness) of the original drawing using color and the new media.
  3. New Media- students must exploit the potential Acrylic Paint has to offer.