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The Figure Drawing Project:

The Figure Drawing is an opportunity for students to study the time honored practice of figure drawing. Figure drawing has been a primary means of expressing emotion in artwork for artwork since from the early Greeks through contemporary times. In this project we will continue refining our ability to effectively render form and alignment techniques to draw the human figure with accurate and believable proportions.

A Sample:

The Objectives:

In this project students will focus on three things, one of which will be review from the Still Life drawing:

  1. Local Value- Students must define the figure using a change in value (an edge) rather than line to define the figure.
  2. Irradiation- Students must display their ability and understanding of the mental/physical phenomenon of shifting value where light and dark objectecs contact eachother.
  3. Proportions- Students must use accurate human proportions in the finished work.
  4. Composition- Student must actively consider the negative space as a part of the drawing and use it to add interest to the drawing.