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The Idea Drawing Project:

The Expressive Drawing is an opportunity for students to continue to refine their drawing skills. This drawing is a chance for students to express an idea or opinion in a work of art which focuses on a specific subject of the student's choosing. The drawing must use symbolism (Iconography), a specific and purposeful value key, and emphasize one specific principle of art.

A Sample:

A student expresses his/her feelings for friends overseas. Note the use of the flower as a symbol, the limited amount of negative space, and the specific "High Major" value key. A Value Key refers to the way in which an artist has arranged the lights and darks in a drawing. In this case the dark of the pencil lies across the light of the paper creating a high contrast making this a "Major" value key just like a major key in music. The fact that most of this drawing is done in light values makes this a "High Major."  A high major evokes a feeling of joy or happiness like that in Van Gogh's paintings of sunflowers.

The Objectives:

Through this project students will attempt to show a strong understanding of the skills listed:

  1. Local Value - students will define the different objects in their paintings by a change in value rather than line.
  2. Variations- students will change the value across the surfaces of objects in their drawings to create the illusion of form, pattern, or texture.
  3. Value Key - students will logically select a specific value key to express an emotion or feeling that supports the idea behind their drawing.