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Sketchbook Extra Credit

All assignments deserve the opportunity to recover points from late submission, poor quality, or isuficient practice to develope skill. To this end Extra Credit is offed in the Advanced Drawing and Painting Sketch book.

Extra credit can be attained through three distinct activities: 1. Idea pages: Idea pages are light research and idea develpment pages- they are ideas drawn out in a very rough form tha may or may not find realization in a work of art. 2. Museum/Gallery pages: Museum/Gallery pages are reflections on a recent visit to a museum or gallery entered into your sketchbook. 3. Artist Research pages: Artist research pages are entries into your sketchbook that focus on research around specific artists in Art History.


Making the extra credit pages:

Extra Credit is available for the sketchbook though 3 different additions.Each addition must cover a two-page spread that follows the quarter rule and contain page titles. Points will be earned according to the quality of the pages and related information.

  1. Print the "Sketchbook Extra Credit" inventory sheet and directions from the "Resource" section to the left.
  2. Creatively divide (cut) the inventory sheet into two parts and glue the directions portion onto page ii and iii of  the front matter section of your sketchbook.

Authoring the Extra Credit Pages

  1. Follow the directions include for each specific sketchbook addition listed on the inventory sheet.